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I'm very flexible with my work. My passion is to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.  I want to do anything I can to help you reach that goal.

How do I pay?

Most people tend to pay with PayPal, but I'm willing and able to accept all debit and credit cards.

Do you offer any other services?

I also offer audio editing and audio repair.  Let me know if you want either of these services.

What if I have a large project?

I always offer discounts for clients with more than 5 tracks.  How big of a discount depends on the number of tracks.  Send me an email or give me a call and we can work out something for your project that works for everyone.

Which instruments do you track?

I can play drums, guitar, and electric bass at a professional level.  I also track synths, keyboards, percussion, vocals, and ukelele.